Ted Brunetti Studio South

Ted brings his extraordinary teaching and talent to the Atlanta market.

I highly recommend TED BRUNETTI to anyone who is serious about making a positive difference in their acting career! He shares tools in a way that make so much sense to take you to your next level.
— Maria Howell (www.mariahowell.com)
Every time I take your class, I get another booking. :-)
— Lynne Ashe
I am so incredibly grateful to you for sharing your expertise with us here in the Atlanta market; the fact that you added classes and are working 15+ hour days to accommodate us is astounding and inspiring. You have fantastic analogies and strategies, and affordable rates for which you are absolutely worth at least 10x more... Of the coaches and teachers I have trained with, you make the most sense to me and I strongly feel in my gut that training with you will get me to the next level.
— Selena Anduze