Ted Brunetti Studio South

Ted brings his extraordinary teaching and talent to the Atlanta market.

Back from Australia

Ted has been taking his extraordinary teaching gifts to the great actors in Sydney and Melbourne Australia in the last couple of weeks and after a quick stop in LA will be back in Atlanta to share those gifts with us!  Ted's classes are truly in demand all around the world.  Dont miss the opportunity to join us in August to take advantage of the experience and track record Ted has cultivated in so many markets.  We are proud to have Ted so regularly and we don't take that for granted.  

What a sensational night, anymore energy in the room and there would’ve been a blowout! It was a perfect end to doing Ted Brunettis Classes. It was an honour to work with him, his passion is infectious and his sincerity and care left me inspired and hopeful again in the possibilities of my acting career. Thank you Ted, we love you
— Jomana Najem
It was a phenomenal night filled with such inspiration from each of the panel members.
Ted’s passion was sensational and left us feeling very inspired . The two things that resonated with me was how it confirmed what I have learnt about humanity. Being human and not to act, just to focus on the humanity and to just go out and DO IT, don’t let fear of not being good enough get in the way, don’t wait just do it as that was refreshing to hear from Ted and the panel ... It was an absolute pleasure to meet Ted and loved his honest, real approach by just being himself!
— Robyn Duse