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Great Work, Spring On Camera Class!

Sincere congratulations on your work over the past few weeks on the commitment, care, and dedication you continue to demonstrate towards significantly raising your skills as actors. Each one of you absolutely rose to the occasion and contributed to the overall high-level, productive,  positive, supportive, and "safe" atmosphere of the class.

I am thoroughly convinced and believe in the high value and quality of the work we are engaged in. This is at first perhaps a slower process but I believe the most substantive, worthy, and valuable approach.

Our Spring 2015 On Camera Class

Our Spring 2015 On Camera Class

To reiterate and recap:

It is my firm belief the MOST mistakes occur in the PREPARATION of work.  If you have an effective and reliable process of PREPARING, you are then far better equipped to navigate 
the wild array of variables that occur in auditions, tapings, callbacks, and final performance of your work.  By working together STEP BY STEP on what to do the MOMENT you get the appointment and material:

CLASS ONE: Script was distributed in class. 

  1. We went STEP AT TIME in reading, understanding and dealing with the script and characters and
  2. We began to LEARN the material, connecting to the DOING and the LIFE of the scene, NOT “an audition”, again- Step By Step.
  3. We were shown ow to navigate the distractions and challenges that WILL ALWAYS present themselves and still deliver the goods and WORK as a professional with highest quality.


We performed the scene full on, off book, on set, in wardrobe, being directed and re-directed. Many critical lessons were learned which lead to a deeper,
more personal, and stronger connection to the material and role, and also defined what is effective and useful in our preparation and how we can improve
our preparation so it serves us better, and is more effective.


  • After having “lived” the scene last class, we now taped the scene,  in an audition situation, one-on-one, ALWAYS HAVING THE PRIMARY FOCUS BE ON THE WORK…THE CHARACTER’S AGENDA, NOT the “actors’s” agenda. 
  • Viewed play backs as a group, specific notes and adjustments were given.  
  • A short time was then given to privately define adjustments before taping the scene again and then APPLYING the adjustments.
  • A NEW SCENE was distributed for you to take home and prepare using all of the tools we are immersed in.


  • Were put on tape one-on-one with new scene,
  • Viewed play backs as a group, notes and adjustments given.
  • After short time to study notes,  taped again, getting to explore and apply the notes and adjustments.
  • Finally: A WRAP UP and SUMMARY including Q&A.

The next phase will be to introduce THE RULES OF COMEDY which are additional responsibilities and skill needed when dealing with all comedic material, which is ON TOP of the  basics we just covered.  

No one takes a "workshop"and then calls themselves a musician or dancer, or for that matter any other profession I can think of. While many people in our profession and outside of our profession have the perception that "everyone can do this" we know that this is far from the truth. It is our sincere hope that each of you walks away feeling our combined efforts met your expectations and were of great value to you. Please know that we welcome any feedback you may have both positive and constructive. This may be useful to us in identifying what is working best and also anything that we may address to improve what we may offer in the future. Your voice matters!

Over time and experience, many of the things we have been exploring and will continue to explore, become second nature.  The goal is that many of the things that may, at present, require conscious attention, will become automatic, subconscious and instinctual for you.

I am very pleased with the work we have accomplished. Now it is up to each of us as individuals to continue to apply and further our understanding of our work. The TRUE VALUE and test is in the practical application of these principles and skills. So HAVE AT IT!  As Uta said,” The PROOF is in the pudding.”
Please keep us posted of your accomplishments.

We will be sure to keep you informed of all of our future projects and relative activities, in particular the 2015 SUMMER PROGRAM at THE TED BRUNETTI STUDIO SOUTH coming this summer, AUGUST 2015!  

A huge thank you goes out to Jay Freer, Rhoda Griffis, and the Lovett School for their continued, behind the scenes support, for us and the work that they respect and support us in.

Ted & Alex