Ted Brunetti Studio South

Ted brings his extraordinary teaching and talent to the Atlanta market.

Wrapping up a Great Class

For the first time in Atlanta this fall we launched a new professional scene study class to a very limited number of actors, based on the principals in PREPARE TO WORK, NOT AUDITION.   This highly unique, step-by-step HOW TO WORK class was successful beyond  our expectations.   In this eight-session class, using theater scripts, each actor was specifically cast and guided hands-on, step-by-step with Ted,  how to prepare and build a role/scene from first contact with the material.  The growth of each actor was remarkable and clearly evident in the work. 

 “… This is what being an actors IS…the specific work you must obtain, and then marry to the ‘business of acting' in order to have a successful career.  This is THE most important element.  Without this skill set, there is nothing to “brand” or make a business out of, and must be constantly maintained and practiced…”   The commitment, dedication, talent, and passion of each actor made this a truly professional level, seriously minded,  and most rewarding class. 

The class is for actors of ALL levels.  The more experienced the actor, the greater the benefits from refining, clarifying, and strengthening fundamental, critically essential skills, that are applicable to film, television, theater, & new media. We will be offering this class in the near future for those of you interested in joining us in this work.

Ted Brunetti Studio South is dedicated to the learning, practice, and continued  growth of the professional artist at the highest level.   Ted is interested  in your talent, passion, and committed dedication to this work, NOT your checkbook.  We continue to do our best to keep our prices as affordable and reasonable as possible and to continually raise the level of acting in the Atlanta Market.