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Know Your Type

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Know Your Type


Gain strong and clear  knowledge of  how best to focus your time, energy and funds to build and grow your career.  Have clarity for your “type”. Learn how to target the specific roles and projects with the most effective tools including effective headshots, reels, & resumes to take your career to the next level.  Share networking information in the Atlanta Market. Grow and expand your circle of connections.

August 20 (Thursday), 6:30pm – 10:30pm

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What is your “type”? What kinds of people/roles can you play?

What roles should you target?

What genres of projects should you target?

Do you have pictures, a reel, and resume that are working as well as they can for you?

Are you in line with your representation with what roles and projects you are targeting as a team, and do you have the materials to make this happen?

Walk away with a clearer understanding and knowledge of how you, and the world sees you. This will inform you as to the specific genres of projects, and types of roles you can target. You have a much stronger chance of booking roles when who you are on the outside is in balance with your acting skills. This will lead to a more successful, rewarding, fulfilling career and journey. This knowledge can save you an enormous amount of time, energy, money, and heartache!

TO PREPARE: You will be given “homework”; specific questionnaires to be filled out by you, a relative, a colleague, and a stranger. (detailed instruction and direction will accompany the questionnaires).

We will engage in a group exercise to reinforce the lessons and issues that come to the surface through the questionnaires.

We will analyze and review the results of the questionnaires.

You will present your current pictures, resume, and reel (if you have them), and if not, have clarity as to what to look as you begin to assemble your “tools of the trade”;  your pictures, resume, and reel.  


Whether you are looking to improve and raise the quality and effectiveness of your pictures, resume, or reel, or have yet to create these materials/essential tools, this class will give you valuable information so you know how to focus your time, talent, and resources to secure the most effective “tools of the trade”… the FRONT LINE of the Business of Acting.

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Single Part Class Fee = $195  

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