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Directing Actors


Directing Actors


A three part course directly from the Top Film Schools (University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, The American Film Institute, Occidental College, The Brooks Institute, Elon in LA, etc…) Adjunct & Guest Faculty Member, Ted brings his Seminar/Workshop Created Specifically for Directors, Producer, and Writes on HOW TO DIRECT ACTORS.  FIRST TIME AVAILABLE IN ATLANTA.  

August 17, 18, 19 (Mon, Tue, Wed), 6:30pm – 10:30pm

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FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ATLANTA Ted is offering his work with directors, producers, and writers, as conducted at the major film schools and institutions.  In addition to his work with actors, Ted also teaches director, producers, writers and is adjunct faculty at the renown USC School of Cinematic Arts (grad and undergrad, including the elite Stark Program). Ted is also a guest teacher at The American Film Institute, Brooks Institute, Occidental, Elon in LA, and many others.  

Clear, practical, proven approaches to dealing with and directing actors.

Ted will share SIMPLE, STRONG, CLEAR, TOOLS that will empower you to most effectively deal with actors, from FIRST CONTACT (Auditioning Process) to FINAL PERFORMANCE.

How to create and ensure a SAFE, TRUSTING, and EFFICIENT WORK ATMOSPHERE for your cast and crew, resulting in the best performances possible.

  • SESSION 1: “DIRECTING ACTORS” Power Point Presentation & Work Session - Simple, Clear, Practical approach/tools for dealing with actors in all phases of work. From Auditions to Performance.  Covers wide of issues. Present specific questions and challenges about YOUR projects to get solutions, solve problems, and ease anxiety and nerves. Learn how to an effective leader.

  • SESSION 2: AUDITIONING: HANDS ON - Create and Execute Audition Session with Real Actors, and using Your Project/Material, being guided and coached by Ted.

  • SESSION 3: DIRECT A SCENE from YOUR PROJECT: Use Real Actors, Coached by Ted: bring a scene from your project to life for the first time in a rehearsal situation, coached by Ted. YOU direct actors in a selected scene from YOUR PROJECT.  HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT most effectively from your actors.  


At the end of each CLASS will be a quick review of what was covered, with insight and reminders on how to “connect the dots”; reinforcing what tools and principles are being presented and how best to apply them. 

Some of the highlights of what you will experience, hands-on, and will cover in DIRECTING ACTORS:



How to organize and execute the most professional and effective casting sessions. (Most of the important work you do with actors is in casting!)

  •  Create a character “break down” that works: attracting the most talented actors to your project, and will aid in the casting and shooting process. We will cover leading roles, supporting roles, and extras.  Ted will share tools with you as to how you can identify and articulate in a clear and simple way what you are looking in each of your characters and actors, and ultimately your overall project.
  • Where to find top quality/most talented actors for your project.
  • How to effectively & quickly read & analyze a picture, resume, and reel.
  • How to organize the casting sessions: initial call, call backs, tapings, how to make final casting decisions, etc.
  • WHAT TO DO in the audition room with the actors.  Optimize your valuable time and energy, insuring the most productive casting sessions, resulting in you select the best actors for each role.
  • WHAT TO LOOK FOR and focus on in the room, when working with actors while casting and on set/location.
  • Learn most healthy and productive psychological approaches and methods for the Director-Actor relationship.  Learn what actors need and expect from you?  How can you efficiently get what you need from your cast, crew and production staff?


  • A specific number of you will choose a short scene from your own original project and have the opportunity to bring it to life for the first time OFF OF THE PAGE with real actors. Ted will be there to guide and coach you on how to most effectively communicate with, and direct the actors to achieve your goals, guaranteeing the best performances possible. 

From Kissing to Killing…

How to handle sensitive situations with actors professionally, respectfully, ethically, safely, and most effectively? From intimate scenes with sensitive (often sexual) content, to violence and physically challenging situations...

How to create and ensure a safe, trusting, and efficient work atmosphere for your cast and crew, resulting in the best performances possible.

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